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An Ahmadi brings Nobel Prize to Pakistan

Professor Dr. Abdus SalamPakistan has a poor educational record. According to a recent survey its literacy rate is 34.8%, as against this, Ahmadis have 99% literacy rate and it is because of their love of knowledge. They follow a saying of Holy Prophet, it says:

In pursuit of education if you have to go China, go and pursue it.

And Ahmadis followed this command of their beloved literally.

They claim 99% literacy. It is no wonder that the only Nobel prize winner in the whole Muslim world is an Ahmadi - Dr Abdus Salam.

Dr Salam brought this honour to Pakistan even though he was shunted out of Pakistan as a Lecturer in Government College Lahore in 1957.

He was a man of three worlds:

the world of Theoretical Physics.
and the world of International cooperation.

He was awarded Nobel Prize in 1979 for his theoretical unification of two fundamental forces of nature. He was also awarded Royal medal by Royal Society of London.

He was associated with UN, when he became Scientific Secretary to Atomic Energy.


Gen Zia ul Haq embraced him as a shining example of Muslims — what an hypocrisy! (This is the man who brought an Ordinance prescribing three years terms for an Ahmadi who calls himself a Muslim, even the Holy Prophet of Islam did not arrogate to himself this authority)


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