Religious Persecution of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community
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Plight of Ahmadi Muslims in Pakistan
A Sample List of Some of the Ahmadis Who Lost Their Jobs on Account of Their Faith
NrName of EmployeeDetails of Service
1. Mr. Khurshid Alam; Mensehra Government Transport
2. Mr. Zahir Ahmad Mushtaq; Kohat Textile Mills
3. Mr. Sultan Mahmood; Toba Prison Service
4. Mr. Wasim Ahmad; Toba Pakistan Air Force (P.A.F.), in June 1984
5. Mr. Basharat Ahmad; Rabwah From P.A.F. in August 1984
6. Mr. Masih Ahmad; Rabwah Coca Cola Factory, Sahiwal; on 2-2-87
7. Mr. Nasir Ahmad; Multan On 24 Feb 1985
8. Mr. Mahmood Ahmad Cheema; Director, Lahore Water and Power Development Authority
9. Mr. Muhammad Ramzan Railways
10. Mr. Zartasht Munir Ahmad; Karachi M D, Overseas Corporation, Karachi
11. Mr. Yaqoob Ahmad Nasir; Faisalabad Clerk in the Army
12. Miss Bushra Tayyaba Teacher, on 3 Jan 1987
13. Mr. Yaqoob Ahmad; Faisalabad Corps of Engineers, Army, in June 1986
14. Mr. Shahid Ahmad; Kuthowaly, Toba PAF, on 24 Dec 1976
15. Major (R) Abdul Waheed; Faisalabad Kaka Khail Ghee Mills, on 11 Mar 1985
16. Mrs Amtui Mateen; Peshawar Lecturer Agricultural University, 21-6-88
17. Mr. Mansoor Ahmad; Khushab Clerk in Police Office, Khushab, 28-9-84
18. Mr. Ch. Nisar Ahmad; Khushab Officer Cadet under training, on 7 July 84
19. Mr. Basharat Ahmad; D.G. Khan Textile Mills, D.G. Khan
20. Mr. Akhtar Hussain; Chak No. 117/GB Faisalabad P.A.F.; on 12-8-1984
21. Mr. Raoof Ahmad; Soldier Sind Regiment
22. Mr. Hamiddullah; Rajanpur Radar Operator
23. Mr. Shabbir Hussain; Gujrat Engine Fitter
24. Mr. Riaz Bhabhra; Distt: Sargodha P.A.F.; Karachi
25. Mr. Mula Dad; Chak No.35, Sargodha Pakistan Army; on 8-3-88
26. Mr. Mohammad Yaqoob; Chak No.l95/RB Pakistan Army
27. Mr. Asad Farooqi; Karachi Private Firm, on 16 Oct 1984
28. Mrs. Razia Rashid; Karachi Private School, in June 1984
29. Mr. Tahir; Rabwah Atomic Energy Commission
30. Mr. Mohammad Iqbal; Faisalabad Electrical Supervisor at Nishat Mills
31. President Ahmadiyya Community; Haripur Dismissed on 22-7-84
32. Mr. Malik Mohammad Sharif; Mansehra Booking Clerk at Bus Stand
33. Mr. Muhammad Rafiq Shakrani; Och Sharif Sanitary Inspector
34. Mr. Malik Munawar Ahmad Khan Stenographer, Excise & Taxation Deptt.
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