Religious Persecution of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community
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PAKISTAN: The principals of the schools obey the instructions of Mullahs to rusticate the Ahmadi students
News / AHRC News
PAKISTAN: The principals of the schools obey the instructions of Mullahs to rusticate the Ahmadi students

October 7, 2011

The government has still not taken any action against the cases of rustication of twenty-three Ahmadi students from Punjab Medical College, and particularly against the rustication of Hina Akram, a third year Ahmadi Muslim student at the National Textile University, Faisalabad, Punjab province. Please see the AHRC statement; AHRC-STM-129-2011

In the far-flung areas of Pakistan, students from the Ahmadi community have to face such practices by local religious groups, influential in the school, which force Ahmadi students to hide their identity or to migrate to urban centers where Ahmadis face fewer persecutions. The Islami Jamiat Talaba (IJT), under the guidance of extremist religious leaders, has been allegedly assigned the task to “clean” the educational institutions, including universities and professional colleges in particular, of Ahmadi students. The staff of the educational institutions is being forced to provide details of the students.

After the rustication of 15 Ahmadi female students and 8 male students from the Punjab Medical College, Faisalabad, Pakistan, the Mullahs and extremist groups in Pakistan have ferociously accelerated their campaign against the Ahmadi students.

The AHRC has recently received information that on September 22, a public meeting was held in Dharanwali, a settlement near Hafizabad, Punjab, which was addressed by mischief monger Mullahs whipping up hatred against Ahmadis. Using heart piercing slanderous filthy language against the followers of Ahmadis and its leadership, they announce that they will never allow the burial of any Ahmadiyy Muslim in their cemetery and they will never let any Ahmadi child study in their schools.

Quickly after the inflaming provocation, ten Ahmadi students and a teacher were expelled from the local schools of Faisalabad district, Punjab.

The following students were rusticated from two different schools of being Ahmedis;

1. Shajar Ahmad - son of Amjad Zaid Ahmad, student Class 9,
2. Faraaz Ahmad - son of ijaz Ahmad, student Class 12,
3. Shabih Nasr - daughter of Nasr Ahmad, student Class 10,
4. Tanseelah Khalil - daughter of Khalil Ahmad, studying for B.A Degree,
5. Tanzeela Khalil - daughter of Khalil Ahmad, student Class 12,
6. Nabeela Kahilil - daughter of Khalil Ahmad, student, Class 12,
7. Iqbal Ahmad - son of Munir Ahmad, student, Class 6,
8. Sadia Munir - daughter of Munir Ahmad, student Class 10
9. Maham Jameel - daughter of Jameel Ahmad, student Grade 1,
10. Manahil Jameel - daughter of Jameel Ahmad, student prep class.

They were all expelled from Chenab Public school (Principal Muhammad Yasser Arafat), and Muslim Public school, Dharanwali (Principal Yasser Abbas).

Moreover, an Ahmadiyya teacher Rafiya tul Bari, daughter of Amjad Zaid Ahmad, teaching in Chenab Public school, Dharanwali, was also expelled for being an Ahmadiyya Muslim.

This alarming situation for the fundamental right to education of Ahmadiyy Muslims in Pakistan continues to accelerate and the international community must take resolute action to pursue the Government of Pakistan to honour its commitments to the Universal Declaration on Human Rights and the Harare Declaration to which Pakistan is a signatory.

It is observed that in the recent days a strong wave against the different sects has swept through Punjab province which has provided shelters to the banned Islamic militant groups who are openly organising their public meetings and collecting funds on the streets. The banned religious groups gathered so much power through the ministers of provincial governments that they are now out of control. The rule of law which protects the religious freedom is under the total control of the Mullahs, the religious bigot, in the Punjab government.

The AHRC urges the government of Pakistan to repeal all the laws and ordinances denying Ahmadis their civic and fundamental rights and propping up the Mullahs and extremist groups to continue the murders of Ahmadis and the destruction of their means to livelihood.

Document ID: AHRC-STM-139-2011
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