Religious Persecution of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community
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Author: Hadhrat Mirza Tahir Ahmadra, 4th Caliph of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community
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Home Newsreports 2000 December
Newsreport December, 2000
Year 2000. The Government of Pakistan has declared it The Year of Human Rights and Dignity!
10 Ahmadis booked at Faisalabad

Another Takht Hazara in the making

Faisalabad: Imtiaz Shah, an anti-Ahmadiyya miscreant has been active in Faisalabad for the last 15 years. He is a man of ill repute and has a very poor police record. There have been cases registered against him (not by Ahmadis) under sections 452/506, 468/471, 452/148, 337 PPC and then again 377 PPC. He was detained sometimes ago by the Deputy Commissioner for his illegal activities. He then disappeared for years and has surfaced again lately. He shifted from the town of Jaranwala to Mustafa Abad in Faisalabad where there is considerable Ahmadi population. He indulged again in anti-Ahmadiyya activities and disturbed the peace of the locality.

Fearing escalation, Ahmadis informed the police who took no preventive action. Then Ahmadis sent a letter to district officials, the DC, SSP, DIG on November 25, 2000, but they took no action.

This encouraged Imtiaz Shah. On December 1, he attempted to enter the Ahmadiyya mosque in Mustafa Abad along with an armed campanion. Before this, he had been throwing stones on Ahmadis’ houses and shouting abusive language. Again, Police Rescue 15 was informed by Ahmadis. When the forced entry was resisted, Imtiaz Shah sustained minor injuries.

Instead of proceeding against the miscreant, the police registered case against 10 Ahmadis. They detained 5 Ahmadis and arrested two of them. This was done to cover the negligence of the police.

Ahmadis in Faisalabad are greatly disturbed. They wrote to the Governor, informed him of the details of the incident and posed him the following questions, inter alia:

  1. Is there no law for the protection of Ahmadis?
  2. Why is it that the Administration never listens to Ahmadis and invariably tries to placate the vagabonds?

The Governor is consistent in doing nothing to relieve Ahmadis in their impasse. He seems not to mind another Takht Hazara in the making.

Authorities’ follow up the Takht Hazara Incident

Tyranny multiplies

Takht Hazara, District Sargodha:    Five Ahmadis were killed in anti-Ahmadiyya riot here on November 10. In the initial flurry, to placate the international opinion, authorities moved against the rioters and took some action against them. However, a few weeks later, as expected, they have targeted Ahmadis to appease the mulla.

After the riot, Ahmadi opponents filed a counter application against 51 Ahmadis including 5 who were complainants and witnesses of the killings. The police proceeded against these 5 Ahmadis under PPC 365/295A, 324, 148/149, and arrested them. They were presented in an Anti-Terrorist Special Court where their pleas for bail were rejected. They are now behind bars. The police have taken action against 21 other Ahmadis under section 107/157. The mulla must be laughing. He murdered 5 Ahmadis, and then got dozens of innocent and afflicted Ahmadis implicated in criminal charges, pushing some to the Anti-Terrorist Court that refused to confirm their Bails. What a state!

A Fabricated Case at Rabwah

In view of the rampant terrorist activities of religious extremists in the country, the government has ordered all denominations to take effective security measures at their places of worship.

In compliance with this directive, the community at Rabwah had arranged posting of guards outside the Aqsa Mosque on Friday the 22nd December. Nematulla, an Ahmadi youth was also posted there. He had his licensed gun in the car. The police arrested him under section PPC 188, accusing him falsely of showing off his weapon. When questioned, the policemen conveyed verbally that the case was registered at the instance of mullas who were pressing for one since long.

Another Ahmadi implicated to placate the Mulla

Rabwah, December 28:    The police arrested Mr Muzaffar Ahmad, Ahmadi, under PPC 188 for playing an audio cassette loudly at his shop. PPC 188 is applicable in case of Section 144 if in force by the Deputy Commissioner; that was not the case. Still the police acted, reportedly to placate the mulla.

Mosque Obstructed

Chak 100, district Faisalabad: The local Ahmadiyya mosque was constructed 30 years ago. As it was in a dilapidated state, Ahmadis demolished it and started constructing the new building. At this the Assistant Commissioner Jaranwala intervened and the police told Ahmadis to stop the construction. This is balatent intervention in fundamental rights.

Bails Denied

Many courts continue to reject Ahmadis’ plea for release on bail while awaiting trial. For example:

The plea of Bail of four Ahmadis of village Bhauru who are behind bars for the last six months after the incident in which Mr Abdul Latif, an Ahmadi was murdered, was rejected by the Session Judge Sheikhupura on November 28.
The Anti-terrorism Court rejected the Bail plea of 5 Ahmadis of Takht Hazara who are the complainants and witnesses in the case in which 5 Ahmadis were murdered by rioters.
A Development Fraught with Danger

Multan, December 23:    The Daily Nia Din, Multan of December 23 has published a news quoting its special representative, that the government is considering a procedure whereby all cases under Blasphemy Law will be tried in the Federal Shariat Court rather than normal courts. According to the report, some important individual gave a briefing to Mr. Moeen Haider, the Interior Minister in a high level meeting that lasted many hours. Ostensibly the aim is to minimize the misuse of the Blasphemy Law, but the fresh proposal is fraught with greater danger and is bound to raise the level of tyranny through this discredited law. A Shariat Court is most likely to deal very severely with cases of alleged blasphemy. The mischief of the bad law will increase rather than decrease. Headlines of the news are translated below:

Blasphemy:    Recommendation to Empower Islamic Ideology Council to register Criminal Cases
High Level Meeting in the Interior Ministry. Proposal to try Blasphemy Cases in the Shariat Court under Consideration.
Murderers in the name of religion are not fit to be called Muslims - The Minister of Interior

The Daily Nia Din, Multan; December 23, 2000

Professor harassed

Hasan Abdal:    Professor Tafhim Ahmad, Ahmadi, joined Cadet College, Hasanabdal in 1992 as a lecturer. At the time of joining he mentioned his religion as Islam. Eight years later, anti-Ahmadiyya activist staff of the college, are holding it against him and are agitating for his removal from the post. Mullas are giving them a helping hand, and the vernacular press is sparing double columns to make this non-issue a big news. The Daily Ausaf and Nawa-i-Waqt are in the forefront in this campaign. For example:


The ulema give an ultimatum to the Principal and the Management on the issue of Qadiani Lecturer

The said lecturer should be fired and made to face criminal charge for misstating his religion………..Maulvis of all mosques expressed their anger over the appointment and misstatement of the Qadiani lecturer…… Qadiani activities will not be tolerated in Tehsil Hasan Abdal……… If necessary, disciples of the Prophet will not spare any sacrifice to achieve their ends. They issued an ultimatum to the college principal and its management to fire the said lecturer as soon as possible, otherwise they will be held responsible for all consequences.

The Daily Nawa-i-Waqt, Islamabad; December 9, 2000

The principal removed the lecturer from the post of Hostel Warden and told him to take precautionary measures. He also made him answer the charge of misstating his religion. The lecturer put the record straight, and afraid of violence, took leave and left for Wah Cantt along with his family. The principal himself is feeling weak under the attack of clerics.

Slander in Rabwah

Naseerabad, Rabwah; December 01: Mulla Abdul Hadi, in his Friday sermon, as usual, used foul and abusive language on loudspeaker for all Ahmadis to hear. His rhetoric was too provocative to be repeated here. It seems the PPC 295A law is selective, and is meant for application only against Ahmadis.

This mulla and a few of his colleagues keep themselves busy in mischief-mongering in this Ahmadiyya locality. They even make house-visits, and use threatening language.

The Bar acts Timid

Sargodha: There is no shortage of advocates and lawyers in Pakistan. Normally, many of them are found waiting in their offices for clients. In the wake of Takht Hazara incident and the recent police action against Ahmadis there, the accused approached a few criminal law lawyers to defend them in the court. They all expressed their inability to take up Ahmadis' defense. Apparently, they do not have any professional objection; they are only afraid of incurring mullas' displeasure.

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