Religious Persecution of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community
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Charge Sheet (FIR) Against the Entire Ahmadi Population of Rabwah


First information report about a cognizable offence under Section 154 of Penal Code. No: 367 Police Station: Rabwah District: Jhang • Date & Time of occurrence: today

1. Date and time of report Dated 15/12/89. Vide report No: 5, 1.30 p.m
2. Name & Residence of person reporting and complainant According to the complaint lodged, prepared and sent by Mohammad Ashiq Marath Station House Officer, Rabwah
3. Brief description of the crime (with relevant section) & property if something has been lost PPC 298C
4. Place of occurrence & its distance and direction form the Police Station Within limits of Rabwah. 100 yards form the gate of the police station towards North village Chak No. 17
5. Investigation carried out. If any delay in registering the complaint; its reason. As soon as complaint received
6. Date & time of departure form the police station By special report

Signature: Ghulam Mustafa ShahRank:A.S.I.
(Enumerate First Information Report below)
Charge under 298/C of Pakistan Penal Code. It is obvious form letters from worldwide Majlis Tahuffuze Khatme Nabuwwat and from missionaries of Majlise Ahrar and through the respectable people of the area that Mirzais living in different areas which fall under the jurisdiction of Rabwah police station and who have been declared to be non-Muslim minority by an amendment in the constitution of Pakistan in 1974 and who are prohibited to preach Qadiani faith by words written or spoken or by visible representation directly or indirectly and who are also barred from using Islamic and Quranic terminology by the Anti-Islamic Activities of Qadianis Ordinance of 1984 have inscribed Kalima Tayyaba and other Quranic verses on their graves, buildings, offices of Ahmadiyya community, places of worship and business centers in spite of this prohibition. Moreover they persistently preach their religion to Muslims in different ways. Some of these ways are, deliberately saying Asslamo Alaikum (peace be on you) to Muslims, reciting Kalima Tayyaba in loud voice in groups in the town at the time of call to morning prayers and by repeatedly indulging in similar Islamic activities. Therefore under these circumstances a crime seems to have been committed under section 298/C of Pakistan Penal Code, therefore this complaint is sent per bearer Falak Sher No. 322 to the Police Station so that a case may be registered. After registration of the case incharge police post Rabwah will investigate, Signatures in English - Mohammad Ashiq I/S.H.O Rabwah - dated 15.12.89 - From gate ofpolice station house 1.15 p.m.

From the police station: The above mentioned complaint received per bearer Falak Sher No: 322 on which the First Information Report about the said offence prepared. Original writing along with police copy is dispatched for compliance to Incharge police post, Rabwah. Special reports are also dispatched to concerned higher authorities.

Ghulam Mustafa Shah A.S.I. Police Station: Rabwah15/12/89

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